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Gorilla Traps
Gorilla Traps
World‘s toughest traps
Gorilla Traps
World‘s toughest traps

Gorilla Traps Features

What do you expect from a trap? A quick and humane kill? High quality? Fair pricing? Endurance? Gorilla delivers all of this and so much more. A classic trap with all its benefits which also offers electronic monitoring solutions? Only with GORILLA TRAPS! Find out all about it below. 

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Mouse Traps


Strongest mouse traps available with discrete "Bait with NARA" and "eMitter ready" in the plastic mold for cross-selling.

General information:

Bait socket made especially for NARA® Lures. High quality springs delivering most humane capture of mice. 


Rat Traps


„eMitter ready“ & „Bait with NARA“ branded for cross selling.
2 adapter holes in the plastic base of the trap for 5 different permanent monitoring solutions with eMitter. 

General information: 

Compliant with BANANA adapter for eMitter BEEP, BASIC and PRO.

Strongest springs available for humane capture of rats.


Add-ons within the Gorilla Range


The GORILLA PADS are used to attach mouse or insect boxes hygienically and eco-friendly.
The clever Nano pads can be reused and carry up to 1.5 kg. Follow the link for more information.

Gorilla Pads Bild 2


The GORILLA RAT TRAPS are equipped with a longish adapter hole to add our 
unique BANANA. It can be used to plug in 5 different eMitter transmitter types:

Gorilla Traps Banana
Gorilla Traps Banana
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GORILLA TRAPS is the result of the international demand for an intelligent product that ticks all the boxes. Leading global pest control companies contributed their time, dedication and valuable knowledge so GORILLA TRAPS could be realized. 

Years of experience in the professional pest control industry demand the highest standards, such as certification, tests, humaneness, quality standards and so much more. 

We didn't fear to invest all our capacities in order to making GORILLA TRAPS the worlds best traps. Next to the professional market the end-consumer market also has very high demands regarding easy usage and application of a product and of course a certain focus on quality. 

The mixture of a solutions that delivers all the traditional features re-engineered to superior quality but also ticking all the boxes for the most professional usage with e.g. advanced eMitter Permanent Monitoring technology linked to the trap with just a click… 

This is GORILLA TRAPS. Everything you would ever ask for now and for any future situation in your home or in your company. 

Thanks to close partnership to world-leading companies in professional pest control service and distribution we could realize a product that simply stands out in:

• quality
• humaneness
• flexibility
• fair value
• technology

The aim of GORILLA TRAPS is to foresee important developments in the Pest Control market. This is whyGORILLA TRAPS are the only traps that offer an easy so you can monitor your pest control from any part of the world with 3 different types of alerting:

• acoustic
• visual
• mail/push notification

Thanks to the partnership with eMitter we can deliver the highest and best-selling quality products that can easily be linked with our traps.
This is completely unique and proves once again: we are investing a lot in order to be able to deliver a superior solution before you actually know you need it.

Foreseeing demand and development in our sector is our goal: rodenticides and glue boards are inhumane and their usage is limited throughout the globe.
We want to offer green pest control solutions with GORILLA TRAPS and therefore engineered a product you can still use when all the rest will be banned by law, standards or simply your clients that don’t support inhumane ways of control.

Our Quality Management process works in accordance with highly structured german standards and promises a product you can rely upon, always.
Years of international experience and testing in all circumstances results in a superior solution that you can simply trust.


CE certification is only a small step in making the GORILLA TRAPS unique, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the quality that we are able to deliver since day one. Being the first Snap Trap worldwide that is CE certified shows again how much we think beyond today, ensuring your quality demand

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