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Who am I?

Where I’m from everybody calls me GORILLA. As I left our clan back in the days and moved to New York in order to study rocket science, I was pretty bummed to see that these little mice kept nibbling off my bananas.

Isn’t that ridiculous? I thought they loved cheese!

So I called a professional exterminator right away. The guy wanted to sell me poison. Are you out of your mind? Poison? Dude, I am from the jungle, all animals are my brothers and sisters and you want to sell me Poison?

Sorry, but I am completely against any sort of torture, especially not in my apartment! We’re not monkeys yet are we?

That´s me in the office being proud of my banana
My beautiful handwriting says I love bananas on bananas

Anyways, so I went and ordered myself some traps which again totally bummed me out. They were super weak! I don’t just want to massage these banana loving mice, I want to… well you know. 

I mean my bananas are holy to me man, that’s were the fun clearly had come to an end. Honestly now: their quality really disappointed me and getting rid of these stupid mice really is important to me, but please in a respectful way at least.

So I went on a search for better, stronger, tougher trap. Traps that fit me. There was nothing! Can you believe that? Nothing! It seems everybody can just build a trap and claim it’s good without testing or anything like that.


Well, I had to do what I had to do and I got in touch with NASA and we started a huge research program for over 7 years which cost me over 200 billion US$. The results were „bananas“. They just didn’t get the traps strong enough and asked me for more money. I mean „come on man“, you’ve got to be kidding me! 

I was dead broke for a lack of a better word. I have invested all my clans money we made off selling bananas. I was devastated. 

So I traveled to Nashville to go completely „Gorilla“ if you know what I am saying. And in Nashville it happened: I met these two crazy guys:

These are the guys that changed everything

They’re called Oliver and Daniel and they work with FuturA GmbH. These guys knew everything about mice and rats! They even manufacture this synthetic NARA® bait that won international prices. Crazy, and I always thought mice loved cheese… Real clever guys!

We’ve been on one page from the first second: "Let´s build the worlds toughest traps!" They are so mad, they even called the traps GORILLA, can you believe that?  And as I looove bananas, they even made this super cool banana-adapter for me. That thing links technology called „eMitter“ to our traps. Wow! 

Technology and Traps, this is what I call innovation! Dude, let me tell you, these Futura-guys really love animals from the bottom of their hearts!

Anyways, this is how the story goes my friends. And today we travel the globe together and already made so many new friends that also completely dig the world’s toughest traps! 

Do you want to join in? Be a part of all that? Man I would go completely GORILLA if you would!


Videos of my journey


Pictures of my journey